{{HandTitle(gameState.dealerHand, true, (gameState.activePlayer == "player"))}}{{HandOutcome(gameState.dealerHand, true, (gameState.activePlayer == "player"))}}

{{HandTitle(hand, false, false)}}{{HandOutcome(hand, false, false)}}

Bankroll: ${{gameState.bankroll}}

Bet: ${{gameState.playerHands[0].bet}}

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Playing options Double after split Allow resplit aces Dealer hits soft 17

Number of Decks 1 2 4 6 8

Double Down Any two cards 10 or 11 only 9, 10, or 11 only Not offered

Blackjack Bonus 3 to 2 6 to 5 Even money

Surrender options Not allowed Late (after dealer checks for blackjack) Early (before dealer checks for blackjack)